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- SkyAds Global LLC issued its first major "national" press release.

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Miguel Osuna:

"My name is Miguel Osuna and I have been a physical education teacher for 25 years. I practice various sports: baseball, racquetball, volleyball and as well as running. My knee problems started to worsen approximately two years ago. I have very severe case of tendonitis. Before I tried Rlief, my knee would get very swollen and with very little movement, along with very intense, sharp pain after every sports activity. Within fifteen minutes after I applied the cream to my Knee, 90% of the inflammation and pain disappeared. I was amazed with the cream and wouldn’t stop using it for any reason. I can actually do squats again and be much more physically active. My knees have healed to 90% and all the pain is gone. I highly recommend everyone to try some Rlief and watch your life change forever. Thank you to Rlief and to Rosie Martinez who was the one that recommended me to this incredible product.
Miguel Osuna"

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